2015: NETLORE: Globalizing Folklore in a Digital World

Folklore and Mythology Symposium

Friday, April 3, 2015
Thompson Room Barker Center

9:30    Coffee and Pastries

9:45    Welcome and Introduction 

10:00  Panel I: On-line Communities

Will Harrington:  "The Hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto: is Bitcoin's founder Santa Claus?"

Maggie Vo: "Online Collaborative Storytelling: Liberation through Anonymity and Global Community"

Kareli Osorio: "U.S./U.K. Relations, A Revolution: Gender and Its Role(s) in Male Same-Sex Relationships in Hetalia Fanfiction"

Natalie Chew: “Ace Online: The Asexual Virtual Community”

Monica Marion: "'Still Boy Play': An Analysis of Gender Inequality in ESports"


11:15  Coffee Break

11:30 Panel II: Globalization and Expressive Culture

Leah Lowthorp: "Performing Politics: UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage in India"

Heike Currie: “West African Dance across the Waters and Web”

Frank Korom:  "Global Citizens, Local Bards: Bengali Responses to Globalization."

Khytie Brown: "‘Drilling the Bands’ from ‘Yaad’ to Abroad”:  Revival Zion, Social Media and Translocalism"

12:45 Lunch

1:45    Keynote: Trevor Blank

"The World at Our Fingertips: Folklore, Digital Culture, and the Pursuit of Meaning in Contemporary Vernacular Discourse."


2:45    Coffee Break

3:00    Panel III: Digital Preservation and Cultural Reproduction

David Elmer: “The Milman Parry Collection of Oral Literature in the Digital Age.”

Felicity Lufkin: "American Quilts in a Globalized Context: The Smithsonian Quilt Controversy"

Finnian Gerrety: "Digital Guru: the Embodied Archive, Digitization, and Authenticity in the Transmission of Vedic Knowledge"

Sara Berliner: "Peekaboo Barn and the Commercialization of Culture"


4:15    Panel IV: Netlore/Techlore

Anthony Buccitelli: "The Embodied Performance of Folklore (enhanced): Tradition Memory, Poetic Sharing, and Digital Technology"

 Kerey Luis: “We Are All Moon Moon: Negotiating Identity, and Insider/Outsider Status, Through Fanlore in Online Communities”               

Hannah Sarvasy: "The Woman Who Gave Birth to a Snake: Twenty-First Century Rumor and Reality in a New Guinea Community"