Senior Theses & Senior Projects

During the senior year, we expect students concentrating in Folklore & Mythology to demonstrate their command of cultural theory an analysis.  In the senior project option, Folklore and Mythology 96r, such competence may be demonstrated through, for example, a performance, exhibit, or written analysis, usually in connection with specific Folklore and Mythology courses (or related courses approved by the Head Tutor). Students who wish to be considered for high honors or highest honors write a Senior Honors Thesis, an extended research project carried out over two semesters as Folklore and Mythology 99, under the supervision of a faculty advisor. 

Senior Thesis Deadlines

Concentrators writing theses in the Folklore and Mythology program will be required to give their advisers the designated thesis parts by the following deadlines:

1. PROSPECTUS DUE: Last Thursday in April (Junior year)

2. PRESENT TO COMMITTEE: early May (Junior year), at Degree Meeting

3. FIRST CHAPTER DUE: first Friday in December (Senior year)

4.FINAL DEADLINE: Thursday before Spring Recess (Senior Year)


N.B. Joint concentrators must follow the calendars of the other departments. Those who are graduating mid-year should consult the Head Tutor for specific instructions regarding deadlines.