Style, Rules & Requirements

One thing few thesis writers realize is that production constitutes an entirely separate stage of the thesis project. Give yourself plenty of time to produce clean copies of your thesis.  It is NOT advised that you leave printing until the day the thesis is due, as unforeseen printing problems are not an excuse for handing in work late.  Leave yourself time for proofreading a printed copy, as well.  Readers grading the thesis may find that errors reflect poorly on the work.

Refer to the section on thesis regulations below for format requirements. Again, those enrolled in Senior Tutorials outside of the Folklore & Mythology program must observe the guidelines of their department.


All theses submitted to the Folklore & Mythology program must conform to the following requirements:


The recommended length is 40-60 pages  (not including appendices, if applicable)


Please leave a lefthand margin of 1.5"


Use archival quality, acid-free paper for all copies


One will remain in the F&M library; one will go to the Harvard College library archives (if magna or above); one will be returned to you, if you wish. (No copies will have comments written by readers.  Readers are asked to submit comments separately.)


Please do not use any type of binder when turning in the thesis. 

Do not staple or hole-punch any of the copies of the thesis.  We would also prefer that you not use paper-clips of any kind, including binder-clips.  Please put each copy in a folder or envelope.


(For a reminder of Deadlines, see the main Senior Thesis page.)