Study Abroad

Many students in Folklore & Mythology decide to spend part of their undergraduate education studying abroad. Students should explore the possibilities at the Office of International Education (OIE; located at 77 Dunster Street) as early as possible and then see the Head Tutor to discuss possible courses and a specific plan of study. Students must file petitions for credit for study out of residence with the OIP before leaving (check with OIP, 6-2722, for deadlines).

The Head Tutor must approve courses to be taken for concentration credit. Studying abroad for a full year can complicate meeting degree requirements; however, the rewards of a year abroad sometimes outweigh the difficulty of struggling to fit in all the requirements for the degree. It is important to seek advice from the Head Tutor and OIE advisers as early as possible, to plan ahead. Students are required to bring back all relevant materials (syllabi, papers written, etc.) from courses that are expected to count for concentration credit. If your instructor insists on keeping your papers, make copies. If any questions about credit should arise, it is important that you should have this information. (Grades from study-abroad programs will not be counted in students’ grade point averages, nor be taken into account when honors recommendations are made.) Students who are planning to apply for fellowships in their senior year should consult with the House tutors about the kinds of recommendations they should seek before leaving and while abroad. Please see the Head Tutor well in advance of deadlines to discuss plans.

Click here for the Office of International Education website.